New Patient Team

                            Hayley                Megan             Jillian                                              Treatment Assistant               Treatment Coordinator        New Patient Coordinator                                                              (Not Pictured)                                   

We understand the importance of matching yourself to a practice that offers quality clinical care and attentive customer service where you will feel completely comfortable and confident in your orthodontic experience.

Our approach is to effectively inform you on what to expect throughout your new patient experience. Communication is key, and we value the opportunity to answer questions prior, during and after your initial visit. It is our goal to guide you through each step of the new patient process and make sure you are fully prepared for your or your child’s new patient experience.

What you can expect from your New Patient Team

The New Patient Team is here for YOU. We are dedicated to helping you find your orthodontic home at Summers Orthodontics. We work together to learn about each patient prior to his or her first visit so you immediately feel like a part of our family the moment you walk in the door.

When scheduling your or your child’s first appointment, Jillian will assist you in finding a convenient time that best accommodates your schedule. She will also gather general information about the patient, mail a welcome packet directly to your home, check and discuss any insurance information and manage all correspondence prior to the scheduled appointment.

Upon arrival, Hayley will be delighted to greet you and inform you of what to expect while visiting our office. She will also complete the scans and records for new patients, as well as assist Megan in providing a remarkable new patient experience for you and your child.

Megan administers the majority of the new patient visits and tends to any correspondence following the appointment. She works closely with Dr. Summers during the clinical examination and explanation of findings. She also provides a clear understanding of the recommended treatment and financial options. Megan ensures that every patient leaves confident and educated in what was discussed during your new patient experience. She also welcomes any further questions following your visit.

We understand there are many factors in choosing the correct orthodontist. At Summers Orthodontics, you will never feel pressured to start treatment; however, we offer same day starts to those who are eager to begin. The investment in your teeth should last a lifetime. We look forward to exceeding your orthodontic needs and becoming a long-term friend of your family.

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