Lythos™ Digital Impression System

To further deliver unparalleled orthodontic treatment, we have invested in the revolutionary Lythos™ digital impression system. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to reduce the need for traditional impressions and provide a more comfortable experience for our patients. 

The advanced intraoral scanner is equipped with a disposable wand that captures dual-arch 3D images without the discomfort and mess from the traditional goopy materials. The Lythos’ technology captures data in real time, meaning Dr. Summers acquires high-definition scans at all angles of the tooth surface.

Capturing patients’ accurate and detailed intraoral data is critical to orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plans. The accuracy and efficiency of the scanresults in better fitting orthodontic appliances and faster turnaround time in receiving them. We are happy to offer this technology to our patients and anticipate exceptional orthodontic results.

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